Yoshimura full stainless steel exhaust systems
$1,639.95 inc GST

Most models R77 Yoshimura full stainless steel exhaust systems

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Yoshimura fully machined valve cotter set
$374.00 inc GST

A fully machined (not stamped out) cotter for hi RPM engines

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Yosh Fully Machined Cotter Set
$420.00 inc GST

These Cotters are fully machined and have a slightly more aggressive angle for...

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Yosh Race Kit ECU
$1,799.00 inc GST$2,300.00

Yoshimura fully programmable EM-Pro race kit ECU suit GSXR1000 2012′...

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$2,395.00 inc GST

Yoshimura Inner Rotor Race Generator suit GSX-R1000 2009′ thru 2013′...

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Yosh Camshafts
$1,443.95 inc GST

STR-TYP-R Yoshimura Camshaft set

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$1,505.00 inc GST

Yoshimura ST-2 Camshaft set Suit Gen 2 Hayabusa a great camshaft to suit a variety...

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