Dyno Tuning

PTR State of the art Dyno Room with High Speed Ram Air

FULL WOOLICH ECU REFLASH & DYNO TUNE New Price was $955.00  now $899.00

Mail in ECU Reflash

Standard ECU Reflashing available using Woolich Racing Software for most popular models that include: Timing Retard Maps in lower gears removed without loosing your Gear indicator on the Dash,Imobilizer circuits switched off, RPM Limits raised, Speed limits raised or removed, Startline Launch control activated, Fuel and Ignition Mapping, 02 sensors turned off for better tuning, steering damper adjustments, and much more. From

Price: $300.00 Mail in ECU Complete Bench Reflash

Dyno Run / Test

Run on Dyno for complete analysis

(no charge if you decide to get your bike tuned whilst on the Dyno)
From: $160.00

Complete ECU Reflash & Dyno

Standard ECU complete reflash and tune on Dyno (most models)

Including Liscence Key and Harness (if rqrd) eg. Woolich Racing . from $955.00 NOW $899.00

Power Commander single table remap


Power Commander / Bazzaz multiple mapping and individual cylinder and gear dependant mapping


Ignition remapping add to custom remap


All twin cylinder advanced mapping (adv mapping is tuning each cylinder individually)


Yoshimura EM-PRO, Yamaha YEC, Honda HRC & Kawasaki KRT Race Kit ECU's Custom Tuning / Remapping and setup all parameters


Complete Vortex ECU Custom Dyno Tune (not just adjusting but fully remapping Fuel, Ignition, Injector Timing, RPM Limit & more) suit most Moto Cross / Dirt Bikes