Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Stroker Crank

PTR has the ability to perform numerous tasks and modification to your crankshaft including balancing, changing the balance factor, fit longer conrods or even supply a billet 4130 stroker crankshaft.

RM-Z250 rebalance with heavy metal

from  $500.00

RM-Z250 fit long conrod and rebalance no heavy metal


RM-Z250 fit long conrod and rebalance with heavy metal


RM-Z450 rebalance no heavy metal


RM-Z450 rebalance with heavy metal


Billet 4130 steel stroker 4 cylinder crankshaft

from $3,400.00

Welded OEM stroker 4 cylinder crankshafts

from $2,000.00