We use specialised laser aligning equipment and digital scales and inclimeters to check and insure correct wheel alignment, steering head angles and weight and balance bios. We then enter all that data in our ZERO CHASSIS Software program to come up with the final set up data for you, and if you haven’t had your bike properly set up using this specialised Chassis Program and our expertise, we honostly believe that you are missing out on lap times and lot’s more enjoyment on the weekends through the twisties.

Check wheel alignment and steering head angle

from $260.00

Measure rider sags and spring rates for your application including setting all suspension adjustments and rider sags for your weight plus springs and fitting if rqd.

from $260.00

Measure and calculate chassis geometry using the latest zero chassis software for most poular brands and models, we can calculate the bikes attitude in the mid corner, corner exit, braking and accelerating, this software is state of the art and is a must for all race bikes through to ride day bikes. With all tyre brand technology moving towards larger sizes, you really should have this at least measured and set up for your weight and tyres and you won’t believe the change and increased corner speed you will acheive.

This price includes all suspension and rider sag adjustments and is only plus springs and fitting if required.

from $380.00