Cylinder Head Porting Explained

There are a number of ways that you can increase the overall performance of your motorcycle and the Cylinder head will normally have the biggest input to that power increase.

Porting the head isn’t some simple job, especially if you haven’t got all the necessary machines and equipment. At PTR, we will take the stock head, measure and enter all the data like valve sizes, port volumes, lengths and Diameters, bore and stroke and cam specs etc. into the Super Flow bench Computer and perform a basic flow test on your head to see what we are dealing with. Whilst up on the flow bench we will use the Manometers on the side of our bench with small pitot tubes to measure the low pressure points of the port to map it out and give us a picture of how to improve the port’s flow in order to cram more air fuel mixture into the cylinder. Then we get to work on it, cut the seats, reassemble and put it back on the Flow Bench and test our finished results.

If you are looking for extra power from your motorcycle, then drop in or send us an email and talk to the experts at Phil Tainton Racing Pty Ltd. or just send us your head.