Precision Gear Drive Dog Undercutting for complete 6 speed gearbox

PTR Gearbox gear drive dog undercutting Melbourne is a must do for allot of highly modified street bike engines and Vintage MX bikes that are putting out much more power than they were originally designed for and especially the older bike engines and this option is especially handy when restoring older engines when parts availability is getting harder.

For High HP output engines that require extra quick shifts like Drag Racing applications with air or electric shifters, or Race car applications with Paddle Shifts, we can redesign and modify the Gear Drive dogs to accommodate these quick shifting devices for faster and more reliable Gear Shifting.

Single gear undercutting Up and Down Shifts from $75.00 / side

Multiple Gears and Complete Gearbox Sets from $650.00

6 speed Harley Davidson Gearboxes Undercut on up & Down Shifts plus Speed shifting Modification for Fast Race Shifting from $1140.00

Isotropic Surface Finish ISF

Ask about our Isotropic Surface Finish ISF, This mirror like super fine smooth finish will give smoother gear changes and smoother running using less friction and running cooler on all mating gears, extending component life and increasing strength. Pricing for a six speed motorcycle gearbox starts from $330.00 for all gears only and shafts and selector drums would be priced individually.

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