Friday, October 21, 2016

Phil Tainton Racing

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For the last 25 Years PTR have spent countless hours Developing Race Heads and performance head porting for Racers and Race Teams both Nationally and Internationally at the Highest level.

We are now offering this Service to everyone for use in Road, Offroad, Drags and Circuit & Hill climb cars with Motorcycle engines like the Hayabusa


  PTR have been preparing and tuning performance motorcycles for road racing, motorcross, drag racing and speedway for more than 30 years.


PTR have not rested on their successes and in fact have not stopped purchasing the latest in Dyno, Flowbench, Cylinder Head Machines and Suspension Dyno technology in order to be at the forefront in engine and chassis development and technology.

PTR feel that whether you are racing, track day riding or just sport riding on the weekends on road bikes or off road bikes, with the knowledge we have gained by working with great riders and the latest in motorcycle technology, we can help you with either engine, chassis or suspension on your bike.