Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Kawasaki KX250F/450F


Quality Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne

If you are a bike-lover, you must know how important it is to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. In fact, it is not enough to keep it just the way it is. Fine-tuning it is essential if you want to make sure that it performs to the best of its abilities. If you own a Kawasaki, we at Phil Tainton Racing are the professionals you should trust. For Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne, our online store is the place to shop at for some really great products. Experience the convenience of shopping online at our website.

A smoother and more comfortable riding experience

If that is what you want, you are not alone. Most people who own a motorbike want the same. Now a smoother and more comfortable ride is possible to achieve in many ways. The most important thing to do would be to make sure that the vehicle gets serviced regularly. However, if you are looking for an enhancement in its performance, then customisation may be something you should be thinking about. Our Kawasaki motorcycle tuning in Melbourne will change the way you ride your bike.

Products we have available

We bring to you quite a few products for Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne. From Yoshimura products to Ohlins Suspension, we have quite a few products for you to choose from.

Why shop at our online store?

If you are asking yourself this question, then there are some clear answers for you.

  • Experience: We have industry experience of more than 30 years. Throughout the years, we have fine-tuned hundreds of vehicles. In fact, we have worked with people like Matt Moss and David Hurley and our workmanship has helped them win several international and national biking championships.
  • Machine shop: We have a wonderful machine shop that is fully-equipped with everything one needs for Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne. Trust us to give you the full service and help you enjoy a smoother riding experience when we hand your vehicle back to you.
  • Road racing: From the 90’s of the previous century, we have been highly involved in the racing industry. So if you are a professional or amateur bike racer, we are the professionals to come to or ask for advice.
  • Customer support: We maintain a great track record for exemplary customer support at all times. We have dealt with many professional bike racers and we know everything that needs to be known about fine-tuning vehicles.
  • Online store: Our online store is something we are proud of. It is a great place to shop at if Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne is on your mind. We have a range of products from brand-name companies for you to check out.

We are the experts you need for Kawasaki motorbike tuning in Melbourne. Getting in touch with us at the Phil Tainton Racing is easy. Call us at our phone number (03) 9801 1287 today or send us an email at


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